Preschool Programs

The teachers of our preschool programs are passionate about the Early Years for Families and Children at our service.

We therefore embrace:

The Voices of Children: Children’s questions and interests guide our programming.

Families as Partners: Embracing parents as partners in their child’s education.

The Needs of Our Planet: Sustainable and Environmental Education.

Indigenous Perspectives: An appreciation of the First Australians deep connection to country.

Respect for Cultural Differences, Equity & Family Diversity: Cultural differences are embraced and celebrated. Prejudices are questioned and challenged. Staff liaise closely with Early Intervention Services.

The Value of Community and the Future of Our World: Children are aware of issues in their community. We empower them to become involved in making a difference, becoming ‘agents of change’.

An Emergent Curriculum: Inquiry-led experiences based on discussion, exploration and needs.

A Challenging Environment: Where children make choices, take risks and embrace learning.

Critical Reflection and Evaluation: Adjusting programs and practices to suit our children’s needs.

A Commitment to Peace: Encouraging care, respect and empathy with others.

We also value:

Sensory and Natural Play Spaces: Where children are able to take time to explore, practise and learn about the nature of their world.

The Creative Arts, Drama, Storytelling and Imaginative Play: Which encourage skills of creativity, literacy and social competence.

We also now offer Spanish Learning supported by ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia).

Our incursions reflect the interests of children and their families each year.

Examples are: Lizzy’s Lizards; Museum of Victoria – Backyard in a Box; Henny Penny Hatching; Edendale Farm; Bike Education; Drama Toolbox; Dream Puppets.