At Eltham Woods Preschool, we respect each child as a unique, competent learner. We believe that every child brings to our centre their individual knowledge, skills and integrity. Educators and families work together to provide many opportunities for children to pursue their own ideas and interests to develop autonomy and independence. Children at Eltham Woods Preschool have a voice in planning their program. This encourages a sense of ownership and a developing sense of agency. We are guided by the values that underpin the National Early Years Learning Framework, where children’s lives are characterised by the ideals of belonging, being and becoming. We acknowledge the International Rights for children, ensuring that our children have a right to an opinion, to rest, to play and to be safe.

Our experienced educators create a safe and engaging environment that encourages the exploration and development of each child’s abilities, building a growing sense of autonomy and independence. Children have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills, acquiring important dispositions for lifelong learning. We acknowledge that young children learn best through their senses using a diverse range of creative arts opportunities. Our educators remain lifelong learners and their knowledge grows with new evidence and experience. They are part of a larger community of learners and collaborate across the early childhood sector with primary schools and with early intervention services.

Learning is a two-way opportunity between our children and our educators. Our educational programs and practices are responsive to children’s evolving capacities as learners, are play-based and enjoyable for all. Our beautiful natural surrounds provide many opportunities for nature-based play, to encourage a healthy understanding and respect for our environment, to nurture an interest in biodiversity and a commitment to sustainability.

Eltham Woods Preschool aims to foster community spirit as we work together to facilitate our children’s learning. Children, families and educators come from a diverse range of cultures and we believe that all families are welcome and respected, feeling included and valued.  We value each stage of children’s development and allow them time to be able to practice the skills they are learning. All children learn at different rates and through different mediums. We value each child’s individuality and work to provide a warm, safe and stimulating environment for all children, including those with additional needs. We proudly acknowledge and respect the Wurundjeri as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet to learn and play.

We acknowledge parents as first teachers of their children. We value and respect their contribution to the centre and programs, and we aim to provide information to support them in this important role. Our families value the down to earth approach taken in children’s programs and appreciate the friendships that develop in their time here.

Our service is committed to a process of continual review and quality improvement and this is reflected in the quality early childhood education we provide.